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"BIRCO" Custom Rubber Ballistic Control Panels, Blocks, Sheets and Curtains


Black Iron Rubber Co. has produced vulcanized rubber panels, blocks, sheets and curtains for ballistic control in military, law enforcement, and private ranges for over ten years. We specialize in producing custom rubber dimensions as small as 1” x 3” x 7” up to 2” x 48” x 96” sheets weighing over 400 pounds.

Vulcanization vs. Cold Pressed: Charles Goodyear invented vulcanization in 1844. It is the only process we use. Time, temperature and pressure allow rubber to cure yielding a unique combination of softness, flexibility and strength. It actually defines rubber as we know it. Automotive tires have been made with this process for over 100 years and have allowed us to travel great distances reliably and safely.

A newer technology called the Cold Press (or “grind and glue”), is a process where recycled or cured rubber is reduced in size, usually screened, then coated with a binder or glue, and the pieces are pressed back together in a new size. It is a much cheaper method of production than vulcanization but produces rubber with less desirable physical characterstics the most important of which is density. The density of our rubber is unequaled. Vulcanized rubber in our industry also means elasticity and self-sealing around entrance points rather than chipping and eroding away with every shot fired.

Our vulcanized large 9” x 12” x 24” rubber blocks weigh 105 pounds. A cold pressed rubber block weighs 76 pounds. Density stops bullets. Most range designs using cold pressed rubber require over 12” of their product in front of AR500 steel to safely contain rifle rounds. X-ray pictures of our vulcanized rubber blocks have shown that 7.62x39 rounds were stopped on average between 7” and 8” of our rubber. Density stops bullets.

Our competitors claim: “NOT ALL RUBBER IS CREATED EQUAL” and boy are they correct!  They also claim that they invented ballistic rubber. The Wright brothers invented airplanes too but you wouldn’t want a ride on theirs today! You will find "grind and glue" rubber pricing very competitive. We ask you to look at a bigger picture: product quality, longevity, maintenance and disposal costs, the price per pound (not volume) of rubber components, and above all: Safety.

Need rubber?   You found an expert,  Black Iron Rubber Co. 

Typical Product Applications:                

  • Shoothouses/Bullet traps
  • Target Area Containment
  • Stay bullet/ wall protection

ballistic Rubber parts



  Competitor's Cold Pressed Block


PANELS – Standard

2" x 2' x 2'       
2" x 2' x 3'       
2" x 2' x 4'       

ther sizes available upon request.

Ballistic Panels Standard

Standard Ballistic Rubber Panels            

Flip-Lok™ Rubber Ballistic Panels

BIRCO has designed a ballistic rubber panel with a 1" x1" inset around the perimeter. The panel has a textured surface on both sides to allow the panel to be "flipped" and seat with the panels adjacent to it. This safety feature prevents gapping at the seams where rounds can escape control. This design also minimizes waste, where a section can merely flip over to fit in another area of the ballistic control system.

2" x 2' x 2'        "flip lok" rubber panels with overlapping perimeter 
Flip-Lok Ballistic Pannels

Flip-Lok™ Ballistic Rubber Panels

SHEETS – Standard

3/8" x 4' x 8'        sheets textured one side      

3/8" x 4' x 8'8" (104")                                   

(60 duro / 1000 psi tensile / 212% ultimate elongation)

Other sizes available by request

Ballistic Rubber Sheets Standard

Standard Ballistic Rubber Sheets

 BLOCKS – Standard

9" x 12" x 24"      vulcanized rubber block    105 pounds ea.

8" x 8" x 16"        vulcanized rubber block      40 pounds ea.

6" x 12" x 12"      vulcanized rubber block      18 pounds ea. 



Size fraction:  0.5"-1.5"   Made from size-reduced molded rubber parts - NOT TIRES!   No steel,  fiber or other contaminants.   Absolutely NO tracer rounds should be used with ANY rubber panel, block, or media material. 

Limited quantities available.        

Please call 866-427-8145 for a quotation on Ballistic Control Products.
Ballistic Rubber Media

Ballistic Rubber Media