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American Made Rubber Ballistic Control Panels, Blocks, Sheets and Curtains


If you are looking for ballistic control rubber,  don't settle for version 1.0.   Don't settle for rubber that has been ground and reglued into a new shape.   Performance is important.   Upgrade.  Start here. 

Black Iron Rubber Co. has produced vulcanized rubber panels, blocks, sheets and curtains for ballistic control in military, law enforcement and private ranges for years (see PROJECTS page). We specialize in producing custom rubber with dimensions as small as 1” x 3” x 7” up to 2” x 48” x 96” sheets weighing almost 400 pounds.





MODIFIED RUBBER PANELS AND BLOCKS.   We have the capability of molding in high carbon steel screens to our ballistic panels and blocks which will FRACTURE the bullets to help remove possible dangerous ricochets and reduce backstop wear.   In the X-ray image to the right of one of our 9" x 12" x 24" blocks,  rounds entered from the bottom of the X-ray,  traveled half way though the block and were broken up by the screen and were contained in the block.  Even shards that leaked out the back are not dangerous. The paper shows the rounds fired and locations.    We have the capability of custom manfacturing these blocks in a myriad of dimensional specifications with custom placements to suit your particular ballistic control needs. 

Some of the advantages of modified ballistic rubber products include:

1.  Much higher effectiveness of defeating rounds, especially in close quarters.

2.  Can utilize less thickness of a panel or block to achieve better effectiveness as even our rubber-only product.

3.  Save on maintenance of backstop hard surfaces such as  AR 500 steel.   



Need Rubber?   Need Ballistic Control?   You found an expert!   Black Iron Rubber Co. 



ballistic Rubber parts





PANELS – Standard

1" x 2' x 2'   

1.5" x 2' x 2' 

2" x 2' x 2'       
2" x 2' x 3'       
2" x 2' x 4' 

1" x 4' x 8'  (192 lbs.)

2" x 4' x 8'  (384 lbs.)


can be downsized and other sizes may be available upon request.

Ballistic Panels Standard

Standard Ballistic Rubber Panels            

Flip-Lok™ Rubber Ballistic Panels

BIRCO has designed a ballistic rubber panel with a 1" x1" inset around the perimeter. The panel has a textured surface on both sides to allow the panel to be "flipped" and seat with the panels adjacent to it. This safety feature prevents gapping at the seams where rounds can escape control. This design also minimizes waste, where a section can merely flip over to fit in another area of the ballistic control system.

2" x 2' x 2'        "flip lok" rubber panels with overlapping perimeter 

Flip Lok Print

Flip-Lok Ballistic Pannels

Flip-Lok™ Ballistic Rubber Panels

SHEETS – Standard

3/8" x 4' x 8'  sheets textured one side      

Custom dimensions available upon request.                                      

(60 duro / 1000 psi tensile / 212% ultimate elongation)

Ballistic Rubber Sheets Standard

Standard Ballistic Rubber Sheets

BLOCKS – Standard

9" x 12" x 24"      vulcanized rubber block    105 pounds ea.

6" x 12" x 24"      vulcanized rubber block      72 pounds ea.

6" x 12" x 12"        vulcanized rubber block      36 pounds ea.

8" x 8" x 16"         vulcanized rubber block       41 pounds ea. 


The blocks can be custom manufactured with a high carbon steel screen(s)  molded within the block (see above)  to enhance bullet defeating properties!  Email or call us for a quote today. 





Size fraction:  0.5"-1.5"   Made from size-reduced molded rubber parts - NOT TIRES!   No steel,  fiber or other contaminants.   Absolutely NO tracer rounds should be used with ANY rubber panel, block, or media material. 

Limited quantities available.        

Please contact us today for a quotation on Ballistic Control Products.
Ballistic Rubber Media

Ballistic Rubber Media